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I’ve Just Gotta Laugh… And Soak

I lose some weight, get a hair cut, get my mani/pedi done regularly, stop hiding behind my hair and my hoody, and my husband gets hit on.  Right in front of me, mind you.  On days when I’m feeling like shit and just down on myself, I like to have a mini-spa night.  So, I’m going to:

  • Run a bath.  Drop a Sex Bomb into the water.
  • Apply some Cupcake Fresh Face Mask.
  • Pumice my feet to keep ‘em smooth.
  • Use my Each Peach massage bar on my achy legs.
  • Meditate on all the things I’m grateful for - including my flirt-worthy husband.
  • Drink some jasmine tea and read a book.
  • Think about all the things I’ve accomplished - the most recent being completing the Couch to 5K program earlier this morning.

I haven’t even started and I feel better.  Time to go make this all a reality.